The club has now ceased to operate, as from December 2013.

Below is the original page and aims of the club, for information only:-

We are a private swimming club based at Holmfirth Pool, established just after the pool was built in 1975, run by fully trained swimming coaches and assistants. We run half hour sessions at Holmfirth pool every Tuesday and Thursday between 7pm and 9pm, depending on age and ability. We teach to ASA and STA standards, also including awards in Personal Survival, Water Safety and Pool Rescue.

HVASC Operating principles

In accordance with our constitution (“the promotion and instruction in the arts of swimming”), HVASC intends to run it’s sessions on the following lines, as it has successfully done for many years :-


Beginners in the shallow end, 1 or 2 classes, coaches permitting. Improvers in the deep end.


Improvers using the whole pool. Number of classes will depend on the awards being taught and availability of coaches.


Seniors and more experienced swimmers using the whole pool.

All the above sessions will be working towards various awards and certificates which are awarded as they are achieved.


Adults, either receiving instruction/assistance or doing length swims. This session may require lane ropes.

The club works closely with pool staff and makes use of other available poolside equipment for training purposes e.g. floats, mats, rescue dummies, balls etc as required for the session.

During holiday periods, in order to maintain sufficient numbers to cover costs, the club switches to “swimming for fun” sessions. These sessions are still programmed i.e. not free-for-all as per normal pool fun swims, but involve a greater element of fun e.g. woggle races etc.

N.B. Definition 3.16 from PAS65-2004 (Published by BSI) :-

“Programmed Swimming

Swimming sessions with a formal structure which are supervised or controlled and continuously monitored from poolside.
NOTE Examples of programmed swimming include tuition, club training and lane fitness swimming.”

Each year the club also hosts a gala for club members, and a distance swim for members to gain distance badges.

All club activities are intended to complement those also available in the area including formal lessons, fun swims, public sessions, tigersharks, length swims etc. but not compete directly – we offer something different with a sense of belonging to a club and encouraging regular attendance.

Members are expected to attend regularly or release their membership to someone else. Only regular attenders are eligible to enter the gala.

Existing coaches are all very experienced, and new coaches are expected to have appropriate teaching/coaching certificates or be working towards one if on poolside.

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