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AGM Brief Report

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Holme Valley Amateur Swimming Club
Annual General Meeting 2007

Monday 12 November 2007 at 8pm

Minutes of 2007 AGM were circulated. Brian McLean proposed that they were accepted as a true record of the meeting with the motion being seconded by Pat Jessop

Chairman’s Report : Alec Ward
Alec mentioned that an EGM had been called several weeks ago, which was well attended. The reason for this meeting was due to the fact that the current coaches could not see what the future of the Club was. The coaches were desperate for more involvement from parents plus they were getting continued aggravation from the Managers of Holmfirth Pool.

At the EGM three volunteers came forward who were willing to train as Swimming Coaches. We also had several volunteers who were willing to become committee members. In addition, Roger Greenwood had kindly volunteered to be the Liaison between the Coaches and KAL. This action took some pressure of the current coaches and committee. At this meeting it was decided that we would come to a decision reference the future of the Club at the AGM.

Alec reported that although we had volunteer coaches there was still quite a way to go as training was required.

This year we were to lose two long standing members of our Committee. Jane Cannon and Joan Clough had tendered their resignation. These two ladies had been involved with the Club for many years, starting when their children were members. They were always available to help and would be seen on the poolside during Galas and Distance Swims helping with the timing. The Ladies were thanked.

Regrettably one of our Coaches was also resigning at the AGM. Jean Greenwood who had been with the Club for many years would be leaving and she was thanked for her long and dedicated service. Jean would still be a member of the Committee.

Awards Gained 2006-2007

Pool Frog 1 10
Pool Frog 2 10
Pool Frog 3 20
Challenge 1 24
Challenge 2 23
Grade 3 16
Grade 4 14
Grade 5 15
Grade 6 4
Water Safety & Pool Rescue 1 16
Water Safety & Pool Rescue 2 14
Water Safety & Pool Rescue 3 11
Water Safety & Pool Rescue 4 3
Beaver 1 24
Beaver 2 17
Beaver 3 5
Beaver 4 18
Seal 1 27
Seal 2 13
Seal 3 7

Total Awards Gained 291

In concluding Alec thanked all the Coaches and helpers.

President Remarks
Brian thanked Alec for all the work he undertakes on behalf of the Club. He pointed out that 291 awards being gained was particularly good bearing in mind the pressure the coaches have been working under during the past year.

Treasurer Report: Yvonne Radcliffe
Copies of the Treasurer’s report had been circulated.

The accounts had been audited by Brian McLean. Yvonne stated that these figures were self explanatory and asked if there were any questions from the members.

Briefly revenue was struggling to keep up with costs. The introduction of 1.5-2 hours of lifeguarding fees each session had not been anticipated and resulted in less money being paid into the Bank.

In addition due, once again to KAL, we had had to organise the Distance Swim at very short notice and were unable to run this as a sponsored event due to the short timing. The revenue from the sponsored event was generally a welcome boost to funds.

Also the cost of ASA and STA certificates with the addition of these two organisations now charging postage meant that in some instances it was costing more to issue the certificate than was actually charged.

Brian McLean proposed that the Treasurer’s Accounts be accepted and Margaret Brook seconded this proposal.

Membership Secretary Report : Yvonne Radcliffe
Membership is still quite strong. As usual we have “lost” several members during the year for one reason or another. Unsure as to what the result on membership will be due to the 16-20 week pool closure.

We have several names of children waiting to join the club who have some form of swimming ability, but until they actually come along to the club to be assessed it is very difficult to ascertain whether they have correct strokes etc. It is hoped to invite these to join when the pool re-opens.

We also have a very long list of “improvers” which just seems to get longer. We can only offer 6 places each evening for Pool Frog 1 and Pool Frog 2. However we continue to “plod” through this.

Adult membership also quite steady. We do not have a waiting list for adults.

Election of Offices
The following were proposed and accepted

Office Officer Proposer Seconder
Chairman Alec Ward Y Radcliffe Margaret Brook
Vice chairman Brian McLean A Ward M Brook
Secretary Yvonne Radcliffe A Ward M Brook
Membership Sec. Yvonne Radcliffe A Ward M Brook
Treasurer Yvonne Radcliffe A Ward M Brook
Badge Secretary Yvonne Radcliffe A Ward M Brook
President Brian McLean Life Office

Election of Coaches
As discussed earlier we were to lose one of our coaches Mrs Jean Greenwood who would be greatly missed.

Alec Ward was re-nominated as Chief Coach, although he accepted this decision he stated that this would be his final year as Chief Coach and would be looking for someone to take over this role at the next AGM. He felt that he would still continue coaching but would be looking to reduce his commitment.

The following were elected as Coaches, Pat Jessop, Margaret Brook, Carol Lutz, Joanna Taylor, Adele Szoradi and Julia Stoddart.

In addition Lauren Armitage and Alyson Brook were elected as poolside helpers.

Alec reported that although we had Lauren and Steven Halstead, Hannah Greenwood and Robert Heywood as young helpers, we could not rely on their continued commitment due to their own educational/work commitments. However their assistance was much appreciated.

Election of Committee
Brian McLean, Alec Ward, Yvonne Radcliffe, Pat Jessop, Carol Lutz, Jean Greenwood, Margaret Brook, Roger Greenwood, Mary Greenwood. Adele Szoradi, Jane Morrow, Joanna Taylor, Vicky Hobson, Ann Tunnicliffe, John Broughton , Kathleen Ward

Report on KAL : Roger Greenwood
Roger explained that he had written to David Morby who was the Assistant Head of Leisure at Kirklees Council, concerning the problems we were experiencing with the Pool Management. He had passed the information to Mark Dunstan who is the KAL Area Manager and Alison Morris who is the new Pool Manager.

Roger had outlined the situation and invited them to attend this AGM. He has heard nothing and there was no KAL representation at the meeting.

Roger is hopeful to resolve the situation.

He reported that he had visited both Scissett and Colne Valley Swimming Clubs to see how they are run. Colne Valley are having similar problems to ourselves, yet also have a waiting list for membership. Scisset have places available, but do not even appear on the pool timetable!

It was felt that some of our problems were due to the fact that when we started the Club we were not in competition with the pool, the pool used to close at 7.00 and would open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for the Club to be run. Now we are seen as competition.

Any Other Business
Alec reported that the future of the Club looked more positive with the additional coaches and parental help.

The meeting closed at 8.55 pm